Airport pickup is available to students arriving in Houston at either of the two airports. The cost is $95.00 (U.S). A driver will meet you with a placard displaying your name and drive you to your host family’s home. You will pay the driver when you arrive.

You will receive an email CONFIRMATION.

Step 1: For airport pickup, fill out the form below and hit the “Send” button.
Step 2: Be sure to check that all information is correct before sending.

Please Complete Form in English

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Application Form

Step 1: Fill out and e-mail the form below or click here to print out the form and fax to (713) 772-3390.
Step 2: If transportation is needed, please go to Transportation page or click here to print out the form and fax to (713) 772-3390.
Step 3: Be sure to double check that all fields are filled out properly with the correct information before sending.

Select a program:
1. $1050.00 per month plus fees (14 meals per week) ABOVE AVERAGE PROGRAM
2. $950.00 per month plus fees (12 meals per week) STANDARD PROGRAM
3. $750.00 per month plus fees (NO meals included in this program) ECONOMY PROGRAM
4. Other programs*
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8. Could you live in a home that has a dog?
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9. Are there any foods that you cannot eat?
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12. How many months will you be in your Homestay?
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14. Name of the school that you will attend? *
15. Date of arrival at the homestay home: *
16. On the following box, please describe yourself to your American Homestay Family:


To apply for Homestay Houston by e-mail or fax please click on the first link below. If you need transportation from the airport to the home please click on the second link as well.

Homestay Application Form

Transportation Form

Please read all the details about the Placement Fee before sending your Application Form.