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HOMESTAY HOUSTON is dedicated to providing housing with American families for students and businessmen and women who come to Houston, Texas to study English or perform a working internship in the Houston area. Homestay Houston provides students and businessmen and women an American family to live with as well as the ability to learn the American culture.

HOMESTAY HOUSTON has provided American family housing to students and business personnel from 40 different countries around the world for the last twenty years. Homestays are located in areas convenient to public transportation and some Homestay families are located within walking or bicycling distance from the schools and intern locations requested by the applicant.

A private bedroom and a private or shared bathroom with all of the necessary bedding are provided. Rooms are equipped with desks or tables at which the individual can work or study. ALL homestays have available COMPUTER CONNECTIONS and a washing machine and drying machine for laundry. The family teaches the visitor how to wash and dry his clothes. Our progams provide meals or no meals depending on the program.

Our families share our Texas hospitality with the visitors and have a genuine interest in learning about the culture from which the visitor comes. Your host family may help you with your homework if you have questions regarding grammar, idioms, etc. Your family will assist with maps and directions to schools, shopping, points of interest, etc.


  • Provide housing for the student or businessman
  • Provide a positive cultural experience
  • Enhance the visitor’s language acquisition program
  • Provide a supervised living environment if necessary

Who are our Students and Visitors?

Our students are studying language at the following schools: ESL at Rice University, ELI at the University of Houston Downtown, LCC at the University of Houston Main Campus, Bilingual English Institute, Houston Community College, Kaplan, Intensive English Institute, Houston Ballet, ELS Language Centers, Language Consultants International (LCI), private high schools, and others. Our interns work at the Medical Center and other various professional companies.

We place businesspersons for these same institutes as well as other independent training firms who specialize in training business executives involved in specific industries.

Who are our Host Families?

Many are teachers or retired teachers, others work for universities, some are travel agents or nurses, others own small businesses and some work for large oil and gas companies. Many have traveled abroad extensively and some have lived abroad.

How Long is Our Housing Agreement?

Our visitors stay with their host families for one month or more. Some of our visitors stay with their host families for different time periods depending on their circumstances. Some stay for one month and others have stayed for l or 2 years. Our visitors sign a housing agreement, which states how many months the person will stay in homestay.


Elif Ansari

Homestay Houston’s Classic American Homestays


Application Form

Step 1: Fill out and e-mail the form below or click here to print out the form and fax to (713) 772-3390.
Step 2: If transportation is needed, please go to Transportation page or click here to print out the form and fax to (713) 772-3390.
Step 3: Be sure to double check that all fields are filled out properly with the correct information before sending.

Select a program:
1. $1150.00 per month plus fees (14 meals per week) ABOVE AVERAGE PROGRAM
2. $1050.00 per month plus fees (12 meals per week) STANDARD PROGRAM
3. $850.00 per month plus fees (NO meals included in this program) ECONOMY PROGRAM
4. Other programs*
Family Name: *
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2. Gender:
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4. Level of Education:
5. What is your current or future occupation?
6. What are your hobbies?
7. Do you smoke?
Could you live in a home that has smokers?
8. Could you live in a home that has a dog?
Could you live in a home that has a cat?
9. Are there any foods that you cannot eat?
10. Do you have any allergy or health problems?
11. Will you have access to an automobile:
12. How many months will you be in your Homestay?
13. Arrival Date:
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Airport Name:
Flight Number:
14. Name of the school that you will attend? *
15. Date of arrival at the homestay home: *
16. On the following box, please describe yourself to your American Homestay Family:


To apply for Homestay Houston by e-mail or fax please click on the first link below. If you need transportation from the airport to the home please click on the second link as well.

Homestay Application Form

Transportation Form

Please read all the details about the Placement Fee before sending your Application Form.